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Angeldeal was born as an internal tool in Pushapp Lab to manage relationships with the founders of the startups supported by our studio. We then decided to make it available to professional investors aiming to simplify the reporting operations. It is designed for VC firms, accelerators, investors clubs and individual business angels.
In its path Angeldeal has become appreciated within the national startup ecosystem also for its work of data collection and analysis on private capital investments in Italian startups. It publishes a quarterly report on the analysis of the Venture Capital market in Italy.
Read VC Italian Market Overview 2019.

The Founders

Ottavio Sgrosso and Francesco Borrelli launched Angeldeal in 2019 to simplify reporting operations for startup founders and investors.
Ottavio Sgrosso

In addition to being CEO of Pushapp, Ottavio has taken on the role of CEO of Angeldeal to pursue the mission of simplifying the relationships between startups and investors.

Francesco Borrelli

Full-stack developer with 4+ years of experience in MVP development for over 20 startups that have launched digital products across Europe.

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